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The best schools in the country invest time and resources in their students. It’s a simple equation: life and study skills training for your students by us can lead to greater levels of attainment. Better school results promote an outstanding, high-achieving school with a greater profile.

Pricing Plans

We are very flexible with timings and would be happy to tailor seminars to your School’s needs. However, the following plans may be used as a guide (all the prices have VAT included). Please note that you can check the length of any seminar by navigating to the relevant page under ‘Browse Seminars’.

Full Cohort

up to ~200 students at a time

  • 1
    Any 1 hour seminar
  • 2
    Any 1.5 hour seminar

Pro: Best value

Con: Less interactive and no written exercises.

Split sessions

4-5 sessions with up to ~50 students at a time

  • 1
    Any 1 hour seminar x 4-5 sessions
    Total £399
  • 2
    Any 1.5 hour seminar x 4-5 sessions (over 2 days)
    Total £599

Pro: Better engagement with students and opportunities for written exercises.

Con: Higher overall cost.

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Schooling Success 100% ROI Promise

Our aim is to provide seminars that amaze and delight. If, for whatever reason, our seminars don’t provide the return on investment you envisaged, we cannot in good conscience keep your money. We promise to refund you every penny and we’ll give you three months to claim it.